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Four hands sculpting

We are a couple of sculptors working together. Our workshop is located in the French region of Périgord Noir in the heart of the forest, and our showroom is located in the medieval village of Domme (Dordogne). We are also exhibited at the Vieceli Gallery in Cannes, rue d'Antibes and Place des Vosges in Paris. Our sculptures are unique, crafted from small pieces that are technically close to jewelery-making to monumental sculptures. They are shaped in steel or stainless steel, sometimes in combination with brass and copper, glossed with jade oil, varnished or chemically oxidized. Using arc-welding and welding torch, from threads and plates, we draw in 3D our animal, vegetal and human inspirations. In our own way, we try to translate the energy of nature. We can also do commissioned work. If you have any idea or desire, we can submit a project to you.
Manon Perrier was born in Sarlat in 1987, and Alexandre Guilmart in Angers in 1984. Before becoming sculptors, both young artists both had an atypical career and personal artistic approach. Manon comes from a family of creative craftsmen, which led her very early to create herself. Close to nature, she shares her life between her love of horses and her passion for art. A versatile and self-taught artist, she has never stopped creating. She practiced with earth modeling, cement, painting and live performance before learning the art of welding.

Since childhood, Alex has always been passionate about drawing. After studying the art of comic books at Ecole Pivaut in Nantes, he travels through as many cities as he does jobs (croupier, magician, illustrator, tattoo artist...) before discovering sculpting near his hometown. It is whilst making his first sculpture project in a collective, where Manon is preparing an exhibition, that the future couple meets. Manon teaches Alex to weld and Alex joins Manon's dance, that of sculpting.
They spend 3 years creating relentlessly, feeding on each other; their creativity explodes. They develop their own approach to metal, diverting tools to the service of their art. They mix their ideas and their knowledge to become one. Curious about everything, their subjects are varied, but the vast theme of nature is still at the epicentre of their inspiration.
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