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A passion for the animal kingdom

Sculptor, that's my job, my dream come true!

After practicing clay modeling via various associative workshops from 1999 to 2009, I had my first exhibition in 2009 which was the launchpad to another professional dimension. From January 2010, I opened my personal workshop to develop my own style with my favorite subjects, i.e. animals, and pursue what I had just dared, exhibiting my art to the public, expressing the realisation of a dream.

Nowadays, my art is exhibited everywhere! Most recently, at the famous Salon d'Automne 2019 (society of the Salon d'Automne - Paris). I am also on permanent display at the "Nouvelle Galerie" in Saint-Quay-Portrieux, and a member of the association of Breton sculptors (Sculpteurs de Bretagne).

Sculpting, like many artistic activities, is a solitary and introspective work, leaving little room for communication. Responding to a deeply rooted need for sharing was therefore an obvious path for me, to find balance between producing artwork and exchanging with art lovers. Opening my workshop to a few trainees, for a day or a weekend, allowed me to discover a passion for teaching, sometimes leading to instigate new vocations. Of course, exhibitions have been an important source of exchanges with the public who are often very warm, observant and critical;  thus nourishing the inspiration, the motivation, and the desire to go ever further in the expression of my art.

The animal world allows such a progression as the subjects are infinite. Species, living environments... a variety of models favour many different expressions, the artist's journey doing the rest. My Breton background often pushes me towards the sea ​​and its extraordinary creatures (whales, octopus, elephant seals, etc.). And then there is Africa, my sometimes adoptive land, impregnating my soul with its fauna; elephants, giraffes, zebras, gorillas, giant tortoises ... forever in my mind, and coming out of it to be incarnated in a piece of clay. Then, technique takes over, transforming clay into raku (glazed terracotta in a "Japanese style"), bronze or resin.

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