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Artists agency

Salient points
  • Art Language Agency offers a personalised accompaniment to artists via communication, events organisation and direct sales services.
  • This accompaniment takes the form of one of two ways:
- either with the acceptance of the artist agency contract, entailing the payment of a commission calculated on the income derived from your artistic work, or
- paying a flat fee based on ad hoc services.
  • As part of the acceptance of the agency contract, all agency services are free, except for curating exhibitions and the organisation of conferences, as well as ad hoc services such as website development or translation work.
  • With ad hoc services, the artist can choose the services required according to his current needs.

Why choose between an agency contract or general conditions of sale?
  • The agency contract is important for reasons of professionalism, clarity and respect for the work of both parties. It complies with the provisions of Article R7121-6 of the French Labour law code.
  • It presumes there exists a bond of total confidence, knowing that the agent fights tooth and nail to represent the interests of his artists.
  • Sometimes, artists find it difficult to monetise their own talent. Thus, the agent becomes an administrative, negotiating and managerial asset.
  • Focusing on the material dimension, the agent acts as a filter so the artists can fully dedicate himself to the expression of his artistic fiber.
  • Art Language is remunerated as an agent via a commission of 10% calculated on the sales made by the artist, pursuant to Article D7121-7 of the French Labour law code.
  • Pursuant to Article art-293B of the French Tax law code, VAT is not applicable to the prices quoted and invoiced.

Click on the PDF icons below to display our agency contract and our general conditions of sales in French, bearing in mind that the best solution is that discussed between the Artist and Art Language.

Should you wish to discuss a project that includes confidential information or you have ideas you want to protect against any potential disclosure, we have a non-disclosure agreement that can be formalised before any discussion takes place.

Communication: € 80 /hourly rate ex VAT
  • Development of ideas and establishing specifications
  • Help in creating communication tools
  • Journalistic writing
  • Administrative assistance and supporting the presentation of tenders
  • Definition of the artist's identity and standing
  • Creation of an address book of collectors, partners, and galleries
  • Canvassing institutions, galleries, and companies

Organisation of events: € 100 /hourly rate ex VAT
  • Help with scenography
  • Curating independent exhibitions
  • Conferences

Direct sales

  • 10% of the art work sold if the exhibition is not organised by Art Language Agency
  • 30% of the art work sold if the exhibition is directly organised by Art Language Agency

 Artist agency contract (in French)
 General conditions of sale (in French)
 Non-disclosure agreement (in French)
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