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Your hospitality
& positioning

Salient points
  • Your universe is your story !
  • Know how to create emotion for your customers to enchant their experience.
  • A hospitality project that reinforces your story.
  • Trend positioning help to educate customers.
  • A deco audit in contemporary art adapted to your needs.
  • Strengthening your visual storytelling and branding.
  • Artistic direction by Nathalie, a sharp eye on trends in contemporary art, expert in art objects for over 30 years !

Identity & communication
  • Our agency can help you realise a decoration audit in contemporary art.
  • This is the guarantee of a visual identity and a brand image that fit you perfectly.
  • Give your customers an emotional response to create surprise, raise awareness, build loyalty and promote re-consumption.
  • Communication making you stand out from the competition and increasing the notoriety of your brand.
  • Possibility of digital communication, creation of websites, animation of social networks.

  • Decoration in contemporary art and collaboration with interior designers.
  • Development and arrangement of outdoor spaces (parks, gardens).
  • Interior decoration (hotels, castles, restaurants).
  • Design and creation of custom furniture (e.g. carpets).
  • Scenography of works of art adapted to your environment.
  • Research and expertise of antiques and objects found.

Parameters defining the quotation
  • Realisation of an audit on decoration
  • Request for a project study
  • Positioning and scenography
  • Maintenance and monitoring of the installation
  • Pursuant to Article art-293B of the French Tax law code, VAT is not applicable to the prices quoted and invoiced.

  • Consulting: € 80 /hourly rate ex VAT
  • Decoration audit: € 180 ex VAT

All works to be quoted in detail.
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